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  • Can I upload game_mod on [insert site here]?
    Please don't! The releases page on GitHub hosts all versions of game_mod – uploading duplicates of game_mod causes a large amount of confusion for users and can result in different users having incompatible versions of game_mod. Furthermore, versions of game_mod from another sources may contain malicious
    code or viruses!
  • Should I package game_mod with my mod?
    Modder's should not package game_mod within their mods, if the mod you downloaded came prepackaged with game_mod, you should install the official version of game_mod over the one that was packaged with the mod.Why? Depending on how trustworthy the developer of the mod is, they could have compiled a custom version of game_mod which has the potential to contain malicious code. It's better to use the official version to be ensure the safety of the version of game_mod you are using.
  • I believe I found a bug in game_mod!
    If you believe you have found a bug, and can provide steps to reproduce it, as well as an accurate description of what occurs – file an issue on the LinkerMod GitHub project here (https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/issues/), and apply the game_mod label. Please check to see if the issue was posted already before posting a duplicate issue.

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